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Head Chef Nick Wilson Blog

Hello and welcome to my weekly food blog, I will be discussing what’s new in season each week with recipes and insider tips on how to get the most out of what’s hot on the market or in your hedgerow for the more adventurous, I will also answer any questions posted to my blog so please feel free to pick my brains on any gastronomic topics at all!!!

At the moment in the Maiyango kitchens we are eagerly awaiting the first of this years asparagus crop a true prince among veggies its only with us natively for a few weeks so please make the most of your local crop , my personal favourite way to serve English asparagus is to simply dress it with a little cold pressed rapeseed oil a squeeze of lemon and just a sprinkle of Maldon salt leave it for 30 minutes for the flavours to marry then simply whack it on a griddle pan for a minute on either side

Then serve it with a soft poached duck egg and watercress, the yolk from the egg makes the perfect dressing for both the asparagus and the watercress a top notch brunch or light lunch, if you want to meat it up a bit just the addition of a couple of crispy rashers of smoked bacon will do for all you strict carnivores out there !!!!!!

Happy cooking